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Everything of value is defenseless;
something for free has no value.

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Welcome to my website.

The name PACHINCO requires some explanation. It is taken from the Japanese gambling game pachinko that you can play in amusement arcades everywhere in Japan. The word pachinko is an onomatopoeia, which means that it t mimics the sound of the object it describes. Japanese ears register three sounds, pa  for letting go of the ball in the pinball machine, chin  for pulling the trigger and ko for the ball landing in the return box.

I no longer know where I have ever read this description, but it certainly has been in my early youth. I thought the name was funny and I have since used it as a kind of alter ego. That was the obvious way to launch my literary product under the name of pachinko publishing.

One day I said to myself: in order to publish II do not want a literary agent, no editor who, admittedly with the best intentions, will tinker with my product.

Then so be it, no quality brand and no sponsored publication. Better an unpolished script in which every word and every sentence is authentic.

Therefore, no long or tedious digressions in my novel as I consider the reader sufficiently intelligent to supplement what is not there.

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